Saturday, December 14, 2013

Louuu and all that... :)

I would really not be amongst those to talk openly on this subject. Four (actually seven!) years of togetherness means a lot to me. I wrote this long ago and after debating for a while on whether I should post this, here I am - talking about it..

Falling in love, is the most beautiful feeling in the world. I don't think there is any other emotion that can beat it. Then you get married and this person becomes a part of your life. Everyday mundane things from the dirty sink to attending to work and social life becomes top-prio. All of a sudden your focus temporarily changes. But something happens that makes you realize how much love you are still in with this amazing person.

Sometimes I wonder how fate works. What if our paths would have never crossed, what if we would have both gone to different places. And I shiver to think, what if I would never have moved to the city we met in...But that deserves another blog post. ;)

It was one of the most hectic weeks at office and things were edging on madness. There was hardly any time to breathe. So when my husband left for this native place, there was no time to miss him on the first day. I was so tired, that I flopped on the bed and fell asleep. I was supposed to join him in his native place the following week.

At home, I had planned to start my cleaning up spree. I came across his "107 pile of clothes". To those who do not know this concept - its a huge pile of washed clothes that we do not fold, because "they have to be anyway opened up to use again". I came across his numerous shoes, little Yoda, hidden chocolates, empty Flipkart boxes and just didn't have the heart to clean up - he was right there amongst all his stuff :).

Then came the cold and fever. Colds can really annoy me a lot. Whenever I fall ill and he is not around, I miss him sorely. By the end of the week, I was missing him so much that I could not believe it myself. Finally, on Friday, I got onto the train. Considering my very poor sense of direction, he was worried if I would ever even get onto the correct train. I can find my way on any airport in the world, but train stations confuse me a lot and I get onto correct trains only if I am with him.

When it had been dinner time on the train, I had opened my Egg-Rice packet from Comesum and started eating alone. At the end of my meal, I stared at the remaining rice and had a lump in my throat. There was no one to help me finish it. :( 

That day, I had been praying that I get sound sleep. I simply cannot sleep in moving vehicles, especially trains - I stare for hours at the berth above or the whirring fans - but luckily, that night, I did sleep well.

I got off the train very early the next morning and waited for a couple of minutes amidst the unfamiliar swarm of people all around me. It was still very dark and in the minimal lighting on the platform, I saw a familiar tall figure walking towards me. Relief swept all over me and it felt like I found the other part of me - quite literally. I clung on to that hand and did not let go of it for very long. I could not believe I missed him so. Yet, I loved every bit of that whole episode..