Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sugar And Spice!

Yes people. I am a mommy now. :D I haven't been posting anything on the blog for a long time coz I didn't find the words to express myself for the last one year. Today, I kinda do. Please expect more baby-posts on my blog from now on :D. I promise to keep it interesting for everyone.

Nine months of exhilaration and complete bliss. My husband, my family, friends and coworkers ensured my happiness was topped up with a lot more. I looooooooved the nine months that went by - most definitely the best months of my life.

No one warned me what the initial two months of motherhood are like. Unfortunately, I have never been around a new born baby and mother either. So I had no clue what it was supposed to be like. Thanks to a lot of close people who supported me through the initial months. All I was told by everyone were six words "Hang in there. It gets better". Best advice ever, coz that's all you can do in that time. 

Amidst the sleepless nights, the incessant, unexplained crying of the baby, nappy changing, wet burp-ups, crazy messy house (yes it still drives me mad),  visits to the doc, baby blues, (plus a LOOOT of other things that I'd refrain from mentioning here) and missing practically everything I was able to do just a few days back! 

Then one very early morning I woke up and got into the grind - starting with a nappy change and same old things I do everyday. I looked at my little boy who was studying my face intently, as usual, batting his long eye-lashes as he did so. He stared at me for hours as I talked to him or went about doing my work.

He whined a little, so I picked him up in my arms, expecting him to cry any moment. Instead, when our eyes locked, he narrowed his big eyes and gurgled softly. After a moment or two, he suddenly broke into this beautiful, inexplicably amazing smile for the first time. Instantly, all the pain and trauma of the first two months disappeared and was forgotten. My baby was puzzled when he saw me smile through blurry, moist eyes. 

It was that moment of enlightenment - when I understood what parenthood is all about. It is about selfless giving - (as said by Elizabeth Stone) - to this little piece of heart who will be forever walking out of your body. It is about what our parents did for us all along - all of their sleepless nights, patience and sacrifices. The greatest part is that they do not even remember the painful parts of parenthood. All they remember are the moments you smiled and were happy...