Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday Blues and Friday Hues!

It was a FRIDAY! Finally!! :D And this Friday was a special one. I had a lot of special things planned for the weekend. Had been looking forward to it.

It was 5.30 pm. I stared at the clock on my desktop computer in office. I looked away from the clock and after a min (so I thought) stealthily looked back at the clock hoping it would have changed by now! Alas! It had not…I remembered Einstein’s Theory of Relativity! This incident seemed to be a relevant example. Time did seem to crawl at its sloooowest pace…

The pickup-and-drop vehicle that drops me home leaves from office at 6 pm. So, I had to stay put. There was no point in leaving the office building. It was hot and humid outside.

I remembered how the week had been. It had whizzed by. Loads of work and pressure. Despite of the fact that I am not the only person running the company. Sometimes I wonder what Mr. CEO must be going through. Does he enjoy his Friday evenings, I wonder…

The week had started with me getting up lazily from my bed early on Monday morning. Then, the clock had seemed to RUN on its hands! Quite literally, I mean. Each time I would close my eyes for just a second (so I thought) and then open them again to take a peek at the clock, I would see that the minute hand of the clock has run all the way across the dial. A million snooze alarms helped me drag myself out of bed, eventually - and the rest of the household too!

“Take a leave, take a leave,” said one part of my brain when my eyes beheld the comfortable cozy bed. But the other part, trained since childhood to attend school, college, etc everyday told me to go office unless of course I wanted a work backlog to be completed! The two parts of my brain fought fiercely while I absent-mindedly chewed on to my tooth-brush and stared at myself in the mirror. But the second one won. So, after getting ready and having my breakfast, I ran out of house, just in time.

Monday morning blues are the worst things on earth. They can make one really moody. I think they should keep special things in offices to help employees drive away their Monday morning blues. Something like, ‘Fun at work’ activities? :D Or something like, late pick-ups for everyone, so that employees can sleep till late on Monday mornings! (Is this going too far?!!)

The week zipped passed with more and more work piling up. But the feeling of coming back home to someone everyday is incomparable, indescribable.

Here I was, on the last day of the week, still staring at the clock. Luckily, I had finished my work for the day, so that meant no backlog for Monday. Somehow during the final few minutes of Friday evenings (just before a well-planned weekend) I cannot do anything too productive.

I dreamt about my weekend that was to follow. It was going to be great! I would get to wake up late. :D No traffic, no local trains, no fear of walking past a live bomb (!!!).

I looked at the clock again ad stifled a huge yawn. It was 5.40 pm. Ten mins to go...I opened my mailbox to check my mail. There was a new mail. I saw the subject line – hoping it would be something worthwhile to read. But it was some silly administrative mail. Sigh!

I glanced at the watch again and felt my tummy rumble with hunger. It was snacks-time and my tummy knew it! I smiled wide to myself, picked up my bag and left for the cafeteria with my fellow-colleagues! Everyone seemed to be suddenly very enthusiastic. It felt great to walk out of the office-building and say good-bye to it for a couple of days…

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priya said...

nice simple one namrata... something that practically every office-goer goes through :)

i particularly relate to that 'staring at the time on the PC monitor' part... it just does not move on a Friday!!!

good post! keep writing!